Vietnam – Phu Quoc

2 minutes

Written by Michelle/Photos by Michelle & David

2 minutes

After having such a busy schedule in the first week I was really looking forward to Phu Quoc and just relaxing on the beach and enjoying a bit of pampering. I am stayIng at Mai House Resort, not the best value for money in Vietnam but I guess you are paying for location, location, location.


Don’t get me wrong the rooms are nice little bungalows set in a tropical garden of Palm trees right on the beach. The service is pretty good, especially the laundry service. I left it out on the porch to be collected and a couple of hours later it was sitting there on the chair clean and neatly folded (maybe didn’t need everyone to see my underwear but it’s ok). Little fairies also came into my room while I was at the beach in the late afternoon to arrange the mosquito net ready for sleeping and even straightened everything up, nice touches.

It is the perfect location for relaxing. Even though there seems to be quite a few people staying here, including children, the serenity is sublime. The sea is like a warm bath. Unfortunately the massage place has closed so I went to the spa at the much more expensive resort down the beach. Even though the massage and pedicure was expensive for Vietnamese standards it was still cheaper than what I would pay in a western country, plus I got an extra half hour of massage for free so I can’t complain about that! Today I am going back to the spa to get a facial and then a massage on the beach, which is much cheaper. Yes, I know, living an extravagant life but this is why I work so hard in between the travelling.


The sunset was pretty amazing yesterday so grabbed the camera and took a bunch of pictures as well as some night pictures, something I am still trying perfect. This morning the sun was out which created some nice shadows of the palm trees on the sand. This really is like a tropical island paradise.

Click here for more pictures of my vietnamese adventure
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