Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona

The Only 15 Tips You’ll Need To Bring Your Travel Photography to the Next Level

Written by David / Photos by Michelle & David

Do you feel your travel photography needs an upgrade? Look no further, here are 15+ of the most actionable tips you’ll find around to take your travel shots to the next level! You’ll find a lot of information around on how to improve your travel photography technique for more “wow!” pictures. Always use a tripod, use this or that lens for this or that location etc. However, not even the … Read More

Wedding rings

Are You Considering A Destination Wedding?

Written by Michelle / Photos by Basilico Studio

Planning a destination wedding may seem like your worst nightmare but I’m here to tell you that it’s not that bad. You love to travel. You have your favourite cities that you may have visited numerous times. You’re on a high because the love of your life has just proposed to you, perhaps during one of your many travel adventures (as David did while we were in Leiden, Holland). Now … Read More

Ceremony Table

Simple Ideas On How To Create A Beautiful Travel-Themed Wedding

Written by Michelle / Photos by Basilico Studio and David

There are so many decisions to make when you start planning a wedding and so many resources out there that actually make the decision harder rather than easier. It can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. My advice would be to start thinking about what sort of wedding you and your significant other would like. This may be determined by the season so perhaps picking a possible date or at … Read More

High tea hall

Your Guide to High Tea Around the World

Written by Michelle/Photos by Michelle & David

I have been a big fan of high tea for some time now. I don’t know what it is that I like so much. Maybe it is the delicious, miniature morsels of food that you get that are comprised of both savoury and sweet delicacies. Maybe it is the fact that I normally choose the champagne option. I’m not a massive fan of tea so that’s certainly not what draws me to high tea, ironic I know. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere of each of the places, normally classy, in beautiful locations and/ or with magnificent views. The whole experience is just so civil and lovely. Everyone is always happy at high tea.


11 Embarrassing Questions From Our First Year Of Blogging [ANSWERED]

Written by David

We don’t post about general blogging very often here but after a full year since we started Two Cameras and a Bucket List we thought we would share with you what we learned in the process that took us from rookie bloggers to… a bit less rookie. Nobody said blogging is easy. You know that and we knew it when we started back in April 2015 due to our passions … Read More

We have a confession to make…

Written by David/Photos by Michelle & David

Ok, let’s be straight open right here. This one is for all of us photographers out there. We know most of you carry at least one camera around all day (thanks a lot, smartphone!) and like to snap away here and there: To keep your memories, this is to send to that aunt who complains when she doesn’t hear from you for a day or two. For fun on social media, aka to increase your … Read More

The ups and downs of learning a new language

The ups and downs of learning a new language

Written by Michelle/Photos by Michelle & David

So I have a confession to make that I am not very proud of. I have been living in Germany for 7 years and am not fluent in German. The main problem is that my work is completely in English and I know enough people who are fluent who can help me out in desperate times. This is by no means an excuse but it certainly doesn’t force me to … Read More

Top 10 essential tips to consider when planning a trip

Written by Michelle/Photos by Michelle & David

No matter how well you prepare for a trip it is inevitable that things will go wrong or not as planned probably about half the time. Some of these are unavoidable and out of your control, like weather and other natural causes and others may have been able to be avoided. Regardless, you will find ten tips, in no particular order, from us below of essential items tips to consider … Read More


The ultimate traveler’s first aid kit you don’t want to leave behind

Written by David/Photos by Michelle & David

All of you travelers out there will agree with me that not everything in a trip can be forecasted and planned for, especially when it comes to our health. Little annoyances or even accidents may happen and we or any of our travel companions can get sick away from the nearest medical attention point. And that applies to either family members, friends or complete strangers in need. And we don’t … Read More

Travelling is my hobby

Written by Michelle/Photos by Michelle & David

The other day I came across The Top 50 Cities to See in a Lifetime article on facebook. I rarely click on these links but this particular day curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t resist seeing how many I had already visited and how many more I needed to add to my bucket list, albeit a somewhat subjective list. After scrolling through the list I counted that I had … Read More

Toy van

What we like to pack for our photo adventures

Written by David/Photos by Michelle & David

Always when on the move we like to travel light, not only for the sake of our poor backs but also to allow for some flexibility in our plans. During our trips we have realized that lots of heavy photography equipment, even if useful most of the time, slow our pace down when traveling in remote areas and keep us from capturing that breathtaking sunrise above the Amazonian treetops or … Read More