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Hi, we are David and Michelle from Two Cameras and a Bucket List. WE WORK, WE SAVE, WE TRAVEL. TOGETHER. Let us show you how.

A DAY JOB DOES NOT MEAN THE END OF YOUR WANDERLUST. The world is for all of us to discover, even without quitting your “9-to-5” corporate job (unless you hate it of course).

THINK ABOUT IT. We are around for 80, 90 or even 100 years if we are lucky. We have a regular job for most of this time, and then we retire. Will you wait until then to broaden your horizons, get to know new cultures and experience other ways of thinking?    

CHOOSE YOUR TRAVEL STYLE. An exhausting trek in the Andes, a 21-day adventure in Cuba, an unforgettable weekend away or even a one-day staycation in your own backyard. There is always something for everyone!

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