Pic of the Week: Face to face at Etosha National Park

Written by Michelle/Photos by Michelle & David

After the last Pic of the Week, featuring butterflies in the Peruvian Amazonas, this week we jump to Africa with another majestic animal in our viewfinder.

My first trip to Africa was a camping safari around Southern Africa. I was filled with excitement and anticipation. This was my dream holiday finally coming true. By the time we had arrived in Namibia we had already seen so much diverse wildlife but of course the more you see the more you want the chance to catch sight of the more elusive creatures. Anyone who has been on safari in Africa will know that the goal is to see the “Big Five” (African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, African lion, African Leopard and Rhinoceros), coined by the big game hunters of the past as the five most difficult and most dangerous animals to hunt on foot.

This leopard was spotted in Etosha National Park lazying in a tree. It was our first leopard that we saw up close and personal. We would have been satisfied if it had stayed lounging on the tree branch.

Leopard in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Leopard in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Nikon Coolpix P6000 | — | ISO64 | 24mm | ƒ/5.9 | 1/95s

When you go on safari you realise it is a unique and special moment when your guide cannot stop clicking away on their camera. To our amazement this not-so-camera-shy leopard took its time to languidly come down from the tree and pose for us right in front of our truck. After allowing us to snap away it then decided to walk under the truck (which our guide had never seen before) and pose in the sun on the other side of the truck. It turned out to be a magical moment with an amazing creature in its natural environment.

Seeing wildlife really is about the luck of the draw.

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Happy travelling!

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  1. Thanks Betsy. Luck was certainly on our side in this particular instance in all respects. Glad you liked the picture :).

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