Peru – The logistics

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Written by David/Photos by Michelle & David

2 minutes

Peru is an amazing country, with a rich history, fabulous food and incredibly friendly people. Every place we visited was unique and fascinating. We spent 4 weeks travelling around the southern half of Peru. Initially we were a little delusional about how much we could see in a month but once we started seriously planning the trip we realised that we needed to factor in travel days. The best way to travel around Peru is by bus but this is of course takes time. We narrowed down our route to starting and finishing in Lima, travelling in a clockwise direction.

We flew into Lima, flew to Cusco to acclimatise before spending 4 days walking the Inca Trail, finishing in Macchu Picchu, then  back to Cusco before heading to Parque Nacional del Manu and back to Cusco again. We then caught a tourist bus (that stops along the way at places of interest) to Puno and then another direct bus to Arequipa and then Nazca. We indulged in a little bit of luxury when we continued on to Paracas before heading back to Lima. The map below shows our route.



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  1. Hi you two! Thanks for this awesome info. Just wondering which company you used for taking the bus through Peru. I have heard amazing things about PeruHop, but I’m just kind of debating what the best way to go about it is at the moment. We will also start in Lima and in Cusco, so kind of planning mostly the same route as you all did.

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