We have a confession to make…

4 minutes

Written by David/Photos by Michelle & David

4 minutes

Ok, let’s be straight open right here.

This one is for all of us photographers out there.

We know most of you carry at least one camera around all day (thanks a lot, smartphone!) and like to snap away here and there:

  • To keep your memories, this is to send to that aunt who complains when she doesn’t hear from you for a day or two.
  • For fun on social media, aka to increase your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Goolge+/… follower list  to make it bigger/cooler or

We also know you guys have at least one secret or not as secret favourite object, animal, situation or feature you like to capture. A secret closer to an obsession.

And you know how we know? Easy, because we have some of those too!

Others would call it a monographic study or creative exploration.

We like to call them photo fetishes. 

How else would you explain those cute cat or puppy closeups that have recently appeared way too often in your pictures? Or what about that street graffiti or sign post obsession that haunt you and your photo library? Or what’s going on with the enormous amount of sunsets/sunrises in your gallery?

But hey! That’s alright! There is nothing to be ashamed of!

It’s just the way your brain is telling you “Buddy, you’ve got something there, stick with it and see where it’s going”.

Do you have a photo-fetish yourself? Share it with us!

Weird as it sounds, I love doors and windows.

Just,… don’t ask me why! I find them very interesting, probably because they come in infinite variations. I know, it sounds like I’m constantly stalking people on the other side of the windows but I promise my interest does not go beyond the facade 🙂

Here some examples from my library

Trento, Italy (our confession)

One Italian window

Trento, Italy (our confession)

One more Italian window

Trento, Italy (our confession)

Still another Italian window

Trento, Italy (our confession)

Yeah you got it, another pair of Italian windows again

Michelle is more of a street light-obssesed photographer.

We can be talking while exploring a street in a new city and next thing I know I’m talking to myself and she is photographing a street light we just passed from all possible angles. Just hilarious 🙂

Want some examples?

benches&lights-13 (our confession)

One street light in Paris (France)

benches&lights-9 (our confession)

Yet another one, in Tbilisi (Georgia)

benches&lights-11 (our confession)

A third one, in Barcelona (Spain)

benches&lights-5 (our confession)

And yes, one more, in Oslo (Norway)

And our friend Danielle has a thing for street benches, cute as they are!

We know it and everywhere we go we just keep an eye out for benches now. You could say that Danielle’s fetish for benches has become in fact… another of our photo obsessions

benches&lights-1206 (our confession)

One of the benches for Danielle, that one in Trier (Germany)

benches&lights-0367 (our confession)

A Georgian bench, for Danielle too

benches&lights- (our confession)

An Italian bench, also for Danielle

benches&lights--2 (our confession)

And that one is for Danielle too, benches in Paris (France)

So you see, no reason for embarrassment 🙂

Now that we came clean, it’s your turn! Come on guys, we are all friends here. Go ahead and share with us what is your undisclosed photo-fetish. Your secret is safe with us, we promise. 

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3 Comments on “We have a confession to make…”. Join the Conversation Here!

  1. I love your site!!! And when I saw the dragon lantern I detected in Barcelona last January I just knew I had to push that “follow” button. Keep up the great posts. Can’t wait to read more! – Love the fact that you live in Munich (at the moment). I wet to college in Munich and now live in Canada.

    1. Hi Anna. Thank you so much for your comment and the following!. That particular spot in Barcelona is also one of my favourite ones, specially because not too far away there are little local shops of all trades and I like to get lost in this area :-). From Munich to Canada, that’s an exciting change right? We are planning a road trip from coast to coast in Canada, maybe you have some recommendations for us ;-). Stay tuned! 2016 will be full of new post and exciting adventures to write about. Happy New Year!

      1. Do keep in touch – we will be traveling from Saskatchewan to the East Coast ad back (our third such trip!) from May through July. Maybe our paths will cross!

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